Residential Group Homes

Revive Youth & Family Center I

Revive Youth & Family Center II

This home specializes in youth who have high medical needs and or who are considered lower cognitive functioning.

Revive Youth & Family Center I & II

Revive Youth & Family Centers are group homes serving male youth ages 12-18. Both programs are implemented in a community residential setting, allowing residents to maintain an association with the community while working on targeted treatment issues in a structured home environment. Both home’s are considered to be the less restrictive alternative to residential treatment services.

During a youth’s stay at a Revive Youth & Family Center, youth learn increased responsibility while developing age-appropriate ways of meeting their needs.

Inappropriate behavior is confronted, consequenced and redirected, while appropriate behavior is reinforced and rewarded. Revive Youth & Family Services Point System is used, requiring youth to earn there status and privileges. The program assists youth in their development through a living experience that is both secure and therapeutic.

The supportive Therapeutic Living environment provided at a Revive Youth & Family Center is based on active treatment interventions, which are provided in accordance with the youth’s individual treatment plan. The individual treatment plan is developed to address significant elements of the youth’s living experience and provide specific behavioral interventions that are designed to result in the youth’s discharge to a less restrictive environment.

Revive Transitional Living Center I
Female Youth Ages 12-18

This home specializes in working with youth who identify with the LGBTQ population.

Revive Transitional Living Center II
Female Youth Ages 14-18

This home specializes in independent living development.

Revive Transitional Living Centers